Arm Swag

You know what’s cool?

Waking up to snuggly kitten in your face. But also, the fact that I have always been a bracelet kinda girl. My wrists are never naked and I’m known to always have a STACK of bracelets piled on. The cool thing about it, is that Chloe + Isabel seriously embraces a love of bracelet piling, calling it… an arm party!

I decided to do a compilation of my personal best arm parties for you and hope you get inspired to make your own!


This arm party used the Hothouse Flowers Collage Toggle Bracelet (a limited edition!) and the Crystal Cluster Braided Stretch Bracelet, which can do double duty as a hair tie!


This arm party used the Shell and Pearl CuffPetite Baguette + Chain BraceletPetite Pear + Chain Bracelet and the Crystal Cluster Braided Stretch Bracelet


This was my first Chloe + Isabel arm party! I wore the Modern Deco Stretch Bracelet


This one was a fun combination – I wore the Crystal Studded Leather Bracelet with the Metal Twist Stretch Bracelet

The last arm party is just a different combination of the Crystal Studded Leather BraceletPetite Baguette + Chain Bracelet and the

 Petite Pear + Chain Bracelet922727_399211273520138_337177623_n

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