Halloween Makeup!

Halloween, for me, is the second most wonderful time of the year. I’ve always loved Halloween, ever since I was little it was always a big deal in my house. My mom and I would always dress up, decorate the whole apartment, carve pumpkins on the floor of our kitchen & toast the seeds. I would go trick or treating with my friends (yes, you can trick or treat in apartment buildings!) and my dad still has the hours of videotape to prove it.


Some of my best memories are from Halloweens past, I think because it has always been such a tradition in my family.  Like how every year for a few years, my dad, my cousins, aunt & uncle & I would always go to the pumpkin patch. But we really went for the corn maze. And we never actually did the maze, instead we would split into two teams and throw corn at each other. Then we would go back to their house, fill those long socks with flour and have flour-sock-wars in the driveway (when you hit someone with a sock full of flour, they end up looking like a ghost).

Unfortunately, for a lot of people, Halloween is one of those holidays you can grow out of. Even though I’m usually not home to decorate with my mom, or have flour-sock-wars anymore, I will never grow out of Halloween. Last year was one of my best Halloweens ever – my boyfriend & I happened to be on a weeklong bus tour of Ireland during the spooky holiday. Our whole tour got pretty crafty with our last minute costumes (thanks to the UK equivalent of Target) and we had so much fun bar-hopping with the friends we had made. PS – If you love Halloween, Galway probably loves it more, which makes it such an amazing atmosphere to be in during the holiday.


Anyway, onto the point of this post!

This year, Halloween fell on a Thursday, which in college means an entire weekend of festivities. Which also means having to come up with multiple costumes. Which for me this year really just mean having a lot of fun with makeup.

My first costume was an ode to The Great Gatsby, since I decided to dress up as a flapper. I’ve probably talked about how much I love 1920s, art deco style before, so this was perfect chance to go all out with it. This costume was actually pretty last minute, so I just found a cheap, black flapper dress on sale and wore it with red mary-janes and a red feather headband. The makeup was the most fun though, and really easy too!


On my face, I used a plum blush and the hourglass radiant light powder.

On my eyes, I used my The Balm Shady Lady palette (volume 1). I used Caught in the Act Courtney, which is a dark, shimmery brown/purple as the base, and Easy Wheezie, a shimmery silver, on the center of my eyelid. I finished my eye look with my favorite black liner on my bottom lid and a touch of white liner in the corners, which makes eyes look bigger.

Last, for my lips, I used a dark berry lip gloss.

This look is honestly so easy and you can finish it off, like I did, with 1920s appropriate pin curls. If you don’t know how to do those, this is a great tutorial by Refinery29.

My second costume was even more fun – I decided to pay tribute to El Dia de los muertos & make myself a creepy skeleton. I was going to just do the flapper thing again, but the boy & I spent the day visiting Salem, MA, so I was in extra spooky spirits by the time we got home.


For this look, I started out by using a brightener & light powder all over my face, to make myself paler than usual. If you have white face paint or very light liquid foundation, that would work too. Then, I used a peachy-pink blush on top of my cheekbones, as well as the hourglass radiant light powder in the hollows of my cheeks (you can find these easiest by sucking your cheeks in, like you used to do to make a fishy face).

Now, the fun stuff!

For my eyes, I used the darkest eyeshadows I own to create the hollowed out look. First I used my matte Mac shadow all over and around my eyes. Then I applied some of the same Caught in the Act Courtney as I used for my flapper look. I finished the eyes by adding some heavy black liner to the top and bottom lids.

Finally, for the lips, I used a black liquid liner to draw “stitches” along my lips and onto my cheeks. Surprisingly, the liner stayed put for the most part and I didn’t end up with a smudgy mouth.


The actual clothes for this look were easy – I had a tank top with skeleton bones that I just wore with black skinny jeans and boots. Really though, the clothes don’t matter much for a look like this – it’s clearly all about the makeup. I will say, however, adding a flower or two to your hair is an easy way to add to the Dia de los muertos theme.

I do have a third costume up my sleeves, but it will have to wait until next weekend, when we throw a halloween-themed birthday party.

What did you all dress up as this Halloween?

PS: Maybe you can tell, but my blog got a little makeover itself recently. You can now find specific posts on fashion, makeup, cooking & diy, and various life lessons in the ‘Wear’, ‘Primp’, ‘Make’ & ‘Live’ sections on the top of my blog. There is also a new feature, which I am so excited about, where you can e-mail me (thestylebandita@gmail.com) with any style questions you may have & I will answer them in the ‘Ask’ section of my blog! So check back in for new Q&A’s, posts and stories as often as you like :).

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