Tricks & Treats

Keeping with the Halloween theme, I decided to share a little post about the fun & easy treats we made this year. I know Halloween is over 😦 , but these can be great for any theme parties, potlucks, or just stash the ideas away until next year!


These are my english muffin mummies – they were ridiculously easy to make, and even though Zach & I are not kids anymore, we had so much fun making them. Obviously, actual kids would also have a blast putting these little guys together. All you need are the following ingredients:

– English muffins (we used whole wheat)

– Marinara sauce

– String Cheese

– Sliced black olives

Once you have all of the above ingredients, you just split all the muffins, layer with sauce, strips of cheese (so that it looks like mummy wrappings) and two olives for eyes. Bake in the oven until the cheese is bubbly and golden & enjoy!


If you ever are in need of a fun, festive dessert, these are the way to go! My mom and I actually made a whole graveyard cake one year for Halloween, and these are my improvisation on that. I like cupcakes more than cake because they’re already individually sized and easier to eat. For these, you just need:

– Cake mix of your choice

– Chocolate frosting

– Oreo cookies

– Gummy worms

– Milano cookies

– Icing to pipe onto the cookies

Once you have these ingredients its just a matter of baking the cupcakes as the box instructs, letting them cool, then decorating! To decorate you simply frost the cupcakes, cover with crushed Oreos (so it looks like dirt), stick on a worm or two and then add your Milano tombstones.

Do you have any favorite Halloween treats?

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