Everyone Wishes For Silver & Gold… & Lilac

Silver, Gold & Lilac Spring Accessories

Silver, Gold & Lilac Spring Accessories

I’m really itching for Spring you guys. Enough of this triple, quadruple, whatever, winter already. It hasn’t been helpful that the apartment Zach and I currently live in is really old and has cracks up to wazoo so I constantly live in a frozen, goose-bump state during these cold months. Luckily, our undergraduate career is almost over & we will be moving out soon! Un-luckily, Zach will be staying in Massachusetts for a year while I go back home to NYC (which I’m sure will be it’s own series of posts to look forward to…). I’m really excited to be going back to my stomping grounds for a bit to get my Master of Science (I love it because I can pretend to be a mad-scientist-genius with that kinda title), but it will be a new adventure doing a long-distance relationship. Also, the job hunt is a real b*tch… everyone in my college career who has told me you need to apply to at least 100 jobs to get 1 interview really was not exaggerating. I’ve been trying to put positive thoughts out there once a day that I will hear back from one of the many places I’ve applied (in the past week), so ya know, hopefully that works.

Anyway, amidst all that ^ craziness, I wanted to share a couple of my favorite springtime accessories!

Asos Deer Dress & Dainty Necklace

Asos Deer Dress & Dainty Necklace

This necklace was my anniversary present from Zach & I’ve been wearing it ever since. It goes with everything and is so dainty, I can’t feel it when I sleep, which is essential for me. He found it at Etsy shop 19bis, which has lots of other beautiful pieces on the dainty-er side, if that’s your thing.

asos lilac satchel

asos lilac satchel

Lilac & Silver

Lilac & Silver

I love pastels, but in the spring & summer they can definitely be overdone. Which is why I’m kind of obsessed with this pastel lilac & metallic combo. Both the bag and loafers (on sale now!) are from Asos, and together they make a perfect balance of feminine & masculine elements.

PS – the deer dress above is also from Asos & will most likely be featured in my up-coming Spring Lookbook post, so stay tuned for that, or hit the follow button to get updates on my new posts!

I hope you enjoyed this post & I’d love to know your favorite spring combinations in the comments 🙂



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