Tuesday Tip | Double-Duty Bronzer

bronzer tip


Get extra mileage out of your underused bronzer!

I don’t know about you, but I think bronzer is something most people own + quite often forget about. This may be due to the fact that bronzer can be a bit intimidating (nobody really wants orange fake-bake skin), but bronzer can be a miracle product if used properly.

Golden-bronzed eyelids are a popular look this Spring, but you don’t have to go out and buy new eyeshadows – use your bronzer instead! I actually love the look of bronzer as eyeshadow maybe more than actual eyeshadow for this golden-smokey-eyed Spring thing that’s going on. Bronzers can be very pigmented, or more buildable, matte or very shimmery + using a combination on eyelids can look so beautiful. I think this would also carry over nicely into summer makeup, for that natural, sun-kissed look.

These are my favorite bronzer options for double-duty use. I leaned towards combo palettes, because they offer even more versatility, which equals even more bang for your buck. Also, bronzers with multiple colors, like a bronzer + highlighter, are perfect for eyes because you can use the dark bronzer shade in your crease to add depth over the lighter shade. Click the links below to shop!


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