Review | Caudalie Sensitive Skin Kit

Exciting news!

As some of you may know, I’ve recently been on a quest for my perfect skincare products. The quest is still ongoing, but I feel I’m making good progress & more posts relating to this will be coming soon! Until then, I have a little product review for you, which is exciting because it includes a steal/deal!



I took a little trip into Sephora a while ago to pick up another product which I’ll be reviewing shortly. Naturally, I got a bit sidetracked & found myself at the Caudalie wall. I tested a moisturizer on my hand, liked it a lot & was about to make my purchase when I saw that they were offering the same moisturizer + makeup remover for $39.00. The moisturizer alone was $38.00, so why wouldn’t I go for the set? Anyway, I tried both out when I got home & here are my thoughts.

But first, here’s the link:

Caudalie My Kit For Hydration – Sensitive Skin

The moisturizer has a texture that I love. It comes out in a light, whipped sort-of cream that becomes more of a gel when you apply it to the skin. It may sound weird, but I love this. I feel like something about that type of texture just sinks into the skin much better than traditional creams & lotions. One of my biggest pet peeves, by the way, is creams/lotions/anything that just sits on the skin. Ugh. Makes me mad just thinking about it.

Back to the relevant stuff! I also love the smell of this stuff. Both the makeup remover (which doubles as a toner) & the moisturizer have a similar grape/vineyard smell that is just amazingly spa-like in my opinion. Fragrance is usually a big turn-off in skincare products for me (sensitive skin, you know the drill), but I can’t help myself with this one. Here’s the downside, and this is truly the only downside – I found it to be the slightest bit irritating on my skin. I literally love everything else about this stuff & was so sad to find the tingly sensation happening after a few tries. I would still highly recommend this if your skin is not as sensitive as mine because it is so lovely. The moisturizer box even said 77% of users saw a reduction in skin redness, so I’d love to know if any of you give it a go & see these results. I’ll definitely be using the makeup remover since it is very gentle, but still effective. After this little venture into Caudalie, I’m curious about some of their other products (like the S.O.S Thirst Quenching Serum).

Have any of you tried other Caudalie products? What are your thoughts?

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