Neighborhood Spotlight // El Paso

El Paso Cover

Hi everyone!

As I said in this post here, I have moved to a new apartment. This also means I am living in a new neighborhood, which has inspired me to start a new section of my blog which I am calling ‘Neighborhood Spotlights.’ I have found myself guilty of living in a city that has so many neighborhoods with so much to offer and not taking advantage of that. Funnily enough, ever since rescuing Ryder, our newest fur baby, the pup has been teaching me some life-lessons for sure. One of which being the importance of exploring places you would have normally ignored or just not have noticed. So, now I live in El Barrio, or Spanish Harlem, or SPAHA (a gross real estate marketing name), and am determined to get to know my new neighborhood while I’m here and what better way to get to know a place that is so lively and steeped with culture than through food!

Let me get straight to the point with this one –

If you don’t live in my neck of the woods, El Paso makes a little visit worth your while. Located on 103rd and Lexington, this is really, really good Mexican food. Ingredients are fresh and flavorful, the atmosphere was spot on and the service super friendly and welcoming.┬áBefore looking at our menus, the BF and I spent a few minutes admiring the fantastic artwork all around the place.

photo 3

We both ordered the ‘Michelada,’ which was our choice of beer, lime, chile, salt & tomato juice. I don’t think I realized it had the tomato juice, but let me tell you… what an awesome & weird drink that Michelada was. It’s what I’d imagine a lighter Bloody Mary tasting like… anyway, their menu is full of great drink choices, from the weird to the normal so just about anybody can find something up their ally.

photo 1

We decided to share some chips and salsa, which were both perfect – fresh & homemade. Zach ordered cheese enchiladas with mole (a cocoa sauce, if you didn’t know) & I chose the chipotle shrimp tacos. UH-MAZE. All of it blew us away and I don’t even like enchiladas. Mexican is an all time favorite cuisine of mine & Zach’s, so this was a major discovery for us.

photo 4

photo 5


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