Going Natural with Red Apple Lipstick

exciting news

Hello bandits!

This is going to be a very exciting post for me, so keep reading if you want to know why!

Reason number one for the excitement is that I am in the process of changing over all of my makeup to natural, good-for-you brands. Now, I do not wear makeup every day, but this has been somewhat harder than I anticipated. There are a handful of products that I really do enjoy wearing and saying farewell hasn’t been the easiest. I have said before that I’m not a huge foundation person, so the makeup I enjoy has always been what I like to call ‘the enhancers’ – cheekbones, eyes & lips. So, in my process of converting & downsizing my makeup collection, I turned to a brand that I had been hearing rave reviews about for a while.

photo 2

Red Apple Lipstick is a natural, gluten free company that makes top-quality lipsticks, glosses, eyeshadow, eyeliner & mascara (a newer addition). This is my first purchase from them & I replaced my entire eyeshadow collection with their gorgeous shades. I really like this company you guys. Right off the bat, you can sign up in their VIP program and receive regular promo codes & coupons, which is amazing. I got 25% off my entire order. Second, these people really know how to make a great first impression – their customer service is crazy good & very responsive, which you know is my jam. Third of all, the ingredients are safe. Eye products do tend to irritate my eyes & I’ve heard that these really don’t. Lastly, the colors and formula are insanely gorgeous. My package came yesterday and I am already obsessed with all the colors. That being said, lets see some swatches!

photo 4

Left to Right: like u latte, en pointe, yes you canyon, iced mocha, oh schnapp!, that’s my jam, silver lining, violet vintage & violet vixen

photo 5 copy

Left to Right: poisen’ivy, taken for granite, twinkle taupe & minx

The second reason for all the excitement is that I am working on a new project that I am feeling very pumped about. It is called the Little Peaution Shop, and it is going to be a skincare & beauty brand where you customize your own products to fit your unique skin type. Every product will be made from the cleanest ingredients in simple recipes that work magic on the skin. I’ve started a crowd tilt campaign to help raise the funds we need to get the concept off the ground. If you would like to see more about it, or even contribute to the campaign, follow this link!

Thanks guys!

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