Infused with Love


I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving!

Keep reading to hear about some gemstone infused skincare!

I heard about Gemstone Organic through a youtube channel that I follow – HolisticHabits – and I was so intrigued by the concept, that I had to try some products out for myself. The company uses the essences of healing gemstones to infuse each product with beneficial properties. There are five different cremes, each infused with different gemstone properties that are said to revitalize skin and energy. The five cremes to choose from – Rose Quartz, Moonstone, Jade, Gold & Ruby. I purchased the Moonstone creme, as the website said this was the perfect creme for sensitive skin types. It is supposed to help clear redness and help the inner & outer beauty connect to boost radiance. The creme is a thick consistency with a very pretty, pastel, mint green color. The ingredients are all wonderful skin-loving ingredients and my only issue has been the scent this creme has, which is a strong herbal scent, but this is just a personal preference.

photo 4 copy

The creme comes in a small (adorable) jar, which is actually perfect since the ingredients are natural & fresh, so you don’t want excess product that can sit around & expire. I have been using this creme for about a month & I really enjoy using it. It feels nice & nourishing and creates almost a matte feeling when it soaks in. You can also use the cremes on your hands or arms or any dry patches that need some extra TLC. All in all I think this is a beautiful product & my skin has definitely seen some beauty benefits since using it. I think my skin has become less reactive & much more even-toned, which is exactly what I want & the ingredients are great:

photo 5

(Apologies for my nail polish)

I also tried out the Rose Gem Hydrosol, which I thought was very nice & smelled beautiful, but the creme is the real star product. Hydrosols are just flower or plant waters that you can spray wherever & whenever you feel like it. They are super gentle, so great for sensitive skin types, but I prefer a more moisturizing spray, like a toner I think. I did use the hydrosol I purchased quite often for setting my makeup, which had a nice hydrating, glow-ifying impact. The hydrosols also come with a sweet little gemstone inside the bottle that you can take out & carry with you when your product is finished.

If you’re in the market for some gorgeous skincare, I would definitely recommend giving these cremes a try!

Also, if you’d like to support a fellow style bandita, please take a minute to check out my tilt campaign! I have 17 days to raise start-up funds for my new, all-natural, customized skin-care line & I appreciate all the help & support I can get!

xox, Chloe

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