Q&A Friday

Q: From a lady’s perspective, is it weird when you can tell a guy is wearing a tank top under his shirt?

– Zach N.

A: I know many guys wear tank tops underneath their shirts, and I don’t think it’s weird. The only time I’ve ever personally thought it looked weird was when I could see a tank top very clearly underneath a nice button down shirt – it kind of un-did the whole dressing-up-nicely effect the guy was going for.


Q: How do I make a more reserved dress look younger or age-appropriate?

– Nicole S.

A: Shoes! Pair that dress with a fun pair of shoes, like a bright color or metallics, and it should bring the age-factor down a bit. You could also use accessories and hairstyle to put together a more age-appropriate get up. It really depends on the dress though, but it is all about accessorizing properly.