Alexis Bittar

Antique-Inspired Jewelry

As if you need any more reasons to start shopping with me at Chloe + Isabel – check this out! I always see super expensive designer jewels that I know look nearly identical to Chloe + Isabel pieces. This time, when I saw these Alexis Bittar antique pieces, my jaw dropped because, well, look at how similar they look…
Screen shot 2013-06-02 at 7.28.09 PM

Honestly, any chance at a style steal (saving $$$$, without sacrificing style!) I will jump at. Plus, having purchased many C + I pieces myself, I’m always surprised at the amazing quality of the jewelry for such low prices.

Nowadays, I don’t go anywhere without Chloe + Isabel as part of my outfit.

Start your own collection, or go for a sick statement pieceĀ at my boutique.