Best Friend Day!

I have a very exciting day to tell you all about – JUNE 8TH is Best Friend Day!!! Best friends deserve a “Thank you” for everything they have been through with us and sometimes best friends just need to go out of the ordinary to show their appreciation for each other.

That’s why I decided to make a special collection of my favorite picks of Chloe + Isabel jewelry for Best Friend Day, so that you can show your BFF how much you love them! Check it out & get shopping!


I think the crystal studded ribbon chain bracelet is a perfect pick, because it reminds me of the friendship bracelets we used to wear as kids!

N053BD-b Or the interlocking double link pave necklace because it represents the bond between two best friends.

Best Friend gifts should be unique, thoughtful, and perfect because no one knows us better than our best friend. C+I has something for every kind of BFF!

Antique-Inspired Jewelry

As if you need any more reasons to start shopping with me at Chloe + Isabel – check this out! I always see super expensive designer jewels that I know look nearly identical to Chloe + Isabel pieces. This time, when I saw these Alexis Bittar antique pieces, my jaw dropped because, well, look at how similar they look…
Screen shot 2013-06-02 at 7.28.09 PM

Honestly, any chance at a style steal (saving $$$$, without sacrificing style!) I will jump at. Plus, having purchased many C + I pieces myself, I’m always surprised at the amazing quality of the jewelry for such low prices.

Nowadays, I don’t go anywhere without Chloe + Isabel as part of my outfit.

Start your own collection, or go for a sick statement piece at my boutique.