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A Little Birthday Haul

Hey there!

My 23rd birthday was just under two weeks ago & I decided to treat myself to a little Detox Market haul. First of all, in case you don’t know, The Detox Market is an amazing shop where you can get pretty much all your green beauty essentials. They are located in Los Angeles, CA, but luckily have an online shop as well. I found out about them a while back when I was looking for an american retailer that sells MV Organic Skincare, which by the way, is a beautiful line for sensitive skin.

This time around, I picked out four new products that I had been interested in trying out.

Detox Market Birthday Haul

Birthday Haul

Before I get into the products, I would just like to say that when it comes to customer service, The Detox Market knows how to make a gal (or guy) happy. Every time I have placed an order with them, I always receive a couple free samples and a lovely hand written note. In this particular order, the samples that were included in my order were a perfume and two facial sponges. The sponges were a little harsh for my ultra sensitive skin, but the perfume is a very pretty, citrus-sweet scent.

Anyway, getting onto the good stuff…

In terms of having bought four products I’ve never tried before, I am very happy with each and every one, but I think I’ll review in order of least-to-most favorite.

First up is a lip crayon by Ilia in the shade Iko Iko. This is an awesome every day neutral for fall. Iko Iko is such a unique color – part coppery, part gold, part red and pink and brown… very hard to describe, but so pretty on the lips. The formula is also nice and moisturizing when it goes on, but I have yet to find a lip product other than balms that doesn’t eventually dry out my lips during the day.

Top - Vapour Atmosphere Luminous Foundation 115 Bottom - Ilia Iko Iko

Top – Vapour Atmosphere Luminous Foundation 115
Bottom – Ilia Iko Iko

The second and last makeup item I purchased was Vapour Organic Beauty’s Atmosphere Luminous Foundation. The shade I chose was 115, which is for fair skin with neutral undertones, which means it is neither too pink or too yellow. I am still not a huge foundation lover, but I wanted to try this one out since I had heard that the formula is nice and light, as well as being moisturizing. I was also drawn to this product because it comes in stick form, which means it is easy to apply and extremely travel-friendly. I have been using this foundation almost every day since I got it & I really enjoy it. The best part for me is that it feels like nothing is on your skin as soon as it sets. The coverage can be built up, but it looks very natural with just a swipe of the stick over any areas you feel you need it. I use it just to even out my tone and add a bit of luminosity, which it does quite nicely. The ingredients are not irritating at all and it actually feels quite nourishing on my face. I have been finding that this is a product that actually looks better the longer I have it on for – it just seems to meld into my skin the longer its on there.

Vapour Luminous Foundation Stick & Lotus Wei Infinite Love Elixir

Vapour Luminous Foundation Stick & Lotus Wei Infinite Love Elixir

This may be the strangest item from my birthday haul – the Infinite Love Elixir by Lotus Wei. This is an all natural’elixir,’ which is taken orally & composed solely of fruits, vegetables and flowers. The company makes a variety of products like this which are meant to balance, uplift, calm or energize and you can chose either the elixir, spray or serum formulations. The one I chose is supposed to lessen irritation, negative self-talk or being hard on yourself, resentment, anger, breaking through old patterns, etc… and foster unconditional love for yourself & others. Basically, things each and every one of us could use a little help with here and there. I wasn’t sure how much I believed this would work, but I have been feeling a difference since starting to use it. Obviously better results are expected with consistent and long-term use, so we will see if it continues to be a positive experience.

One Love Cleansing Sponge

One Love Cleansing Sponge

Lastly, my favorite product from the bunch! I ordered the organic cleaning sponge from One Love Organics to replace my wash cloth routine with. First of all, how darn cute? It comes in two heart-shaped options, pink for sensitive, dry skin and black/grey for oily/combo skin. This pink heart has become a fast staple in my skincare routine. All you have to do it squeeze the sponge under water until it softens and expands and then wash your face with it. I generally use it first to dampen my face, then rub my MV Organics Gentle Cream Cleanser into my face with my hands, and then wash it off with the sponge again. The sponge is so soft that there is zero irritation and the clay inside has really helped with cleansing my pores. My skin has felt softer and smoother since using it, and I mean really, how darn cute?? Who wouldn’t want this little pink heart hanging around their bathroom?

Iko Iko Kiss

I hope you enjoyed my little birthday haul & definitely check out The Detox Market if you haven’t yet!

My Miracle Oil

I have found… a magical, miracle substance. I’d can’t call it simply a facial oil, because this beauty can go on your face, body, hair… even my boyfriend likes it & it makes great beard oil according to him. I have been using this gorgeous, golden-hued oil for a while now & it is the only skincare product that has given me such instant results.

Marula Oil comes from the Marula fruit, which is native to Southern Africa & has been used for centuries by men & women to protect skin & hair from harsh weather conditions. The multipurpose oil has 4 X AS MUCH VITAMIN C AS ORANGES & extremely powerful antioxidants & nutrients that my skin personally drinks up. This is a reparative, hydrating, protective & cellular-activity boosting oil. It not only makes my skin look better almost instantly, but it also smells naturally phenomenal (no added fragrances here).


I purchased my first bottle from African Botanics because they work with local communities in Southern Africa who sustainably produce the oil. They source their wild-harvested oil through a fair trade program that supports women in village collectives & protects the environment. The oil is hand-pressed by women who have learned through generations to crack the nut of Marula fruit & extract the kernels for the purest oil.


This purity has been extraordinarily beneficial to my sensitive & reactive skin. I know there is one ingredient going onto my skin when I use this & it feels so lovely & soothing. No irritation. I feel it diminished redness to a slight degree. Overall, this oil has made it to my holy-grail list. If you too are a sensitive-skin-sufferer like me, I would most definitely suggest giving Marula oil a go. It isn’t cheap by any means, but the fact that it benefits rural communities in Southern Africa & the results I’ve seen totally justify the price tag in my book.

New Beginnings

Hello stylebandits & banditas. It has been a very long time since I was last here & this is because of a few things. I graduated college in May and moved back to my hometown of NYC. I moved into a place that didn’t work out & then found a place that did, where I have been now since September. I have a part-time job and a full-time graduate program. I also adopted an 8-month old puppy two weeks ago.

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 7.53.56 AM


So, amongst all of these life-changes, I was finding it difficult to write a beauty/fashion blog. I struggled going between my love for writing and connecting with people of similar interests & passions and the fact that somehow, at this point in life, writing about beauty products & clothes felt trivial & shallow somehow.

Then recently I realized it isn’t just writing about beauty products & clothing. The thing I always enjoyed about it was people sharing experiences, knowledge & the potential of helping others with similar interests. I’ve also been in the process of changing my outlook on beauty products & have been transitioning to a more natural/non-toxic lifestyle. This is also the direction I plan on taking thestylebandita. I want to share my thoughts & experiences on this process & hear from you too. I want to make the time & money we spend on beauty & fashion & lifestyles more meaningful – skin is our largest organ, so why not feed it with the same quality ingredients we want to put into our body? I also want to use this space to focus on smaller, lesser-known or independent brands that are creating such beautiful products & really making a difference.

My journey is a new one & by no means am I a ‘green beauty guru/goddess/expert,’ but I hope to learn a lot by continuing this blog. During all the recent changes in life, I lost time for my passion projects, but now its time to make space for them again. I hope you will bare with me & enjoy the ride.

Love, Chloe