Beetlejuice Pants

I’ve talked about this many times before, but I think it is one of the most important things to remember about style, so I’m gonna talk about it some more – there shouldn’t be rules in fashion. Finding your own personal style is about discovering what you like, what looks good on you and what doesn’t, and the only way to do that is to try new things all the time. Personal style and preferences can change and I think they should. For me, my style changes on the daily. One day, I may be super into the boho thing. The next I may edge-it-up. Another day I might combine the two, and other days I’m tired so my style is yoga pants and Uggs.

The point is, style is something very personal. It is a way to express yourself, so don’t worry about other people’s opinions all the time. If you have a crazy pair of pants that make you feel good and you can wear them with confidence, you strut your stuff in those crazy pants!

Recently, I bought myself a pair of crazy pants and was struggling trying to decide if I liked them or not. I decided to wear them one day, sort of to test drive them, and I asked my mom what she thought. She said they looked like Beetlejuice pants. I was running late, so I kept them on anyway.

Later on, my hairdresser said she loved my pants and even later on, so did my dad! Just goes to show opinions are everywhere, so the only one that ever really matters (when it comes to style at least) is yours.

These pants aren’t going to be a staple in my wardrobe, but my test drive was a fun little experiment. Plus, my mom and I came up with some great possible halloween costumes.



Necklace, Top & Pants: Forever21

Boots: Primark (UK & Europe only, for now)

Bag: Free People

Do you have a crazy item of clothing that you love?

July Sale Style Guide

Check it out! Here is a wonderful Chloe & Isabel style guide showing off just a couple of our 40% off SALE items. In one of my 4th of July posts, I got all excited about my party/BBQ plans for this weekend, so how perfect is it that this style guide is for the “Boho BBQ” ?! I love it!!


The sale only lasts until July 7th, so hurry on over to my boutique & get your party jewels!

In case you all couldn’t tell already, I’m a teeny bit excited for the holidays. So, in the spirit of all these 4th of July themed posts, I also wanted to include a lil’ somethin’ red, white & blue (you can’t tell, but my nose ring is blue 😉 ).


This was my work outfit today & I must say I was feeling the holiday spirit already. My red & white floral dress is from Forever21 and my necklace is of course Chloe & Isabel! I kept it simple and wore this dress with plain jane black flats (mine are from Steve Madden). As you can see, my cats just had to make an appearance…


 I also apologize for the quality of these photos – today was a looong day.

Back In Action

I’m Back, fresh off a six hour drive from Maine! We spent five days in the charming town of Kennebunkport, which apparently is a really popular summer spot for people to visit. If you ever find yourself there – stay in one of the ADORABLE cottages at Cabot Cove. Seriously, our cottage was so cute & perfect we could’ve moved in permanently.

It was lots of fun – we ate a lot of lobster & shrimp… mmm. Our favorite places to eat were Mabel’s, Federal Jack’s and The Tides (kick ass Lobster Roll). Walking around town was really nice too – If anyone has ever been to Carmel-By-The-Sea, CA… Kennebunkport is like the Carmel of the East. Very story-book. There were lots of little shops (very touristy though), and I spent about an hour in The Copper Candle, a cute candle (duh) shop. We also took a day trip into Portland on one of our rainy days. Portland is pretty awesome – there were LOTS of little independent boutiques that we loved. One, Mexicali Blues, was our favorite. I bought a pretty tapestry for our apartment, a star lantern that goes with it and Zach bought a little traveling Buddha. Some of you may know that we have a little fur baby (our kitten)… well she is going to be getting a little furry friend soon (yay!) and so upon my urging, we decided to paint some food and water bowls for our animals. It was really a lot of fun and we can’t wait to see the finished products.

Anyway, since I haven’t posted in a while, I wanted to share a couple of things!

This was my ‘early morning road trip’ look – I clearly have the ‘I just woke up’ face goin’ on here, but I’m wearing the striped blazer that I posted about a little while ago. It was perfect for a long car ride because of the sweatshirt-y material – so comfy. The bag is a good size for long-weekend or shorter trips too & I think its so pretty. I got it from ASOS.


This outfit was from our day trip into Portland. The dress is an old one that I bought years ago from Topshop & the sweater is from Forever21. My feather necklace is, of course, Chloe & Isabel (I tried to zoom in on the photo so you can see how pretty it is 😉 ). I actually got a lot of compliments on it while we were walking around the city!


These are the aforementioned goodies I bought throughout my trip –


Where will you be going this summer? And what will you be wearing!