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A Little Birthday Haul

Hey there!

My 23rd birthday was just under two weeks ago & I decided to treat myself to a little Detox Market haul. First of all, in case you don’t know, The Detox Market is an amazing shop where you can get pretty much all your green beauty essentials. They are located in Los Angeles, CA, but luckily have an online shop as well. I found out about them a while back when I was looking for an american retailer that sells MV Organic Skincare, which by the way, is a beautiful line for sensitive skin.

This time around, I picked out four new products that I had been interested in trying out.

Detox Market Birthday Haul

Birthday Haul

Before I get into the products, I would just like to say that when it comes to customer service, The Detox Market knows how to make a gal (or guy) happy. Every time I have placed an order with them, I always receive a couple free samples and a lovely hand written note. In this particular order, the samples that were included in my order were a perfume and two facial sponges. The sponges were a little harsh for my ultra sensitive skin, but the perfume is a very pretty, citrus-sweet scent.

Anyway, getting onto the good stuff…

In terms of having bought four products I’ve never tried before, I am very happy with each and every one, but I think I’ll review in order of least-to-most favorite.

First up is a lip crayon by Ilia in the shade Iko Iko. This is an awesome every day neutral for fall. Iko Iko is such a unique color – part coppery, part gold, part red and pink and brown… very hard to describe, but so pretty on the lips. The formula is also nice and moisturizing when it goes on, but I have yet to find a lip product other than balms that doesn’t eventually dry out my lips during the day.

Top - Vapour Atmosphere Luminous Foundation 115 Bottom - Ilia Iko Iko

Top – Vapour Atmosphere Luminous Foundation 115
Bottom – Ilia Iko Iko

The second and last makeup item I purchased was Vapour Organic Beauty’s Atmosphere Luminous Foundation. The shade I chose was 115, which is for fair skin with neutral undertones, which means it is neither too pink or too yellow. I am still not a huge foundation lover, but I wanted to try this one out since I had heard that the formula is nice and light, as well as being moisturizing. I was also drawn to this product because it comes in stick form, which means it is easy to apply and extremely travel-friendly. I have been using this foundation almost every day since I got it & I really enjoy it. The best part for me is that it feels like nothing is on your skin as soon as it sets. The coverage can be built up, but it looks very natural with just a swipe of the stick over any areas you feel you need it. I use it just to even out my tone and add a bit of luminosity, which it does quite nicely. The ingredients are not irritating at all and it actually feels quite nourishing on my face. I have been finding that this is a product that actually looks better the longer I have it on for – it just seems to meld into my skin the longer its on there.

Vapour Luminous Foundation Stick & Lotus Wei Infinite Love Elixir

Vapour Luminous Foundation Stick & Lotus Wei Infinite Love Elixir

This may be the strangest item from my birthday haul – the Infinite Love Elixir by Lotus Wei. This is an all natural’elixir,’ which is taken orally & composed solely of fruits, vegetables and flowers. The company makes a variety of products like this which are meant to balance, uplift, calm or energize and you can chose either the elixir, spray or serum formulations. The one I chose is supposed to lessen irritation, negative self-talk or being hard on yourself, resentment, anger, breaking through old patterns, etc… and foster unconditional love for yourself & others. Basically, things each and every one of us could use a little help with here and there. I wasn’t sure how much I believed this would work, but I have been feeling a difference since starting to use it. Obviously better results are expected with consistent and long-term use, so we will see if it continues to be a positive experience.

One Love Cleansing Sponge

One Love Cleansing Sponge

Lastly, my favorite product from the bunch! I ordered the organic cleaning sponge from One Love Organics to replace my wash cloth routine with. First of all, how darn cute? It comes in two heart-shaped options, pink for sensitive, dry skin and black/grey for oily/combo skin. This pink heart has become a fast staple in my skincare routine. All you have to do it squeeze the sponge under water until it softens and expands and then wash your face with it. I generally use it first to dampen my face, then rub my MV Organics Gentle Cream Cleanser into my face with my hands, and then wash it off with the sponge again. The sponge is so soft that there is zero irritation and the clay inside has really helped with cleansing my pores. My skin has felt softer and smoother since using it, and I mean really, how darn cute?? Who wouldn’t want this little pink heart hanging around their bathroom?

Iko Iko Kiss

I hope you enjoyed my little birthday haul & definitely check out The Detox Market if you haven’t yet!

April Favorites


Today, I thought I’d do something a little different from the regular Tuesday Tip & share with you all the things I loved most this month!


Sephora Haul!

Hi there!

I am so excited to share with you some amazing new makeup that I just recently purchased. I’ve always pretty much been a no-makeup kinda gal – it takes too much time, etc, etc… but recently I’ve discovered how much I actually really like it. One of the reasons I love fashion is because it is just another way to express myself artistically. I’m realizing that makeup is the same thing. Its like painting, only on your face!

Anyway, today I’m going to do a review of some of my new & old favorite products.

The first thing is going to be the hyped up GLAMGLOW Tingling & Exfoliating Mud Mask. I had seen (almost) nothing but rave reviews about this stuff, so I decided I had to try it out.


First impressions are important!

The packaging is pretty cute & I like that this edition is pink to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

I will say, I was a little bit shocked upon opening the packaging to find how small the jar is. For the price of this baby, I will be using it very sparingly.


Despite the initial sticker-shock-to-size-ratio, this is one of those masks that you can tell is definitely working on your skin. The minute I applied it, my skin was crazy with tingles. The mask is described as a “10 minute facial in a jar” and it is indeed that. I washed it off after about 10 minutes and my skin still feels amazing. It looks and feels so clear.


Conclusion: it will be difficult to ration this stuff, because I really love it. Self control. I can do it.

Next up are my little samples that I got for free! They are Flash (perfume) by Jimmy Choo, Smashbox Liquid Halo HD Foundation & Guerlain Lingerie De Peau Invisible Skin Fusion Foundation.


The perfume is nice. I usually like very floral, citrusy and girly scents. My current favorite is Sugar Lemon by Fresh. Flash is a little bit mysterious, but still very girly. I like it, plus it came in that cute little sparkly folder.

The Liquid Halo Foundation was too drying for my skin, so I won’t bother with that one. HOWEVER, Smashbox’s color correcting primer is amazing. I have very dry skin & my cheeks are always pink/red, so I use their green primer and it is magical.

Because of my dry skin, I really don’t use foundation. I find it always makes my skin look flaky, but I was pleasantly surprised with the Lingerie De Peau. It really gave a flawlessness to my skin that I loved. Again, because of my red/pink undertones, I would usually go for a yellow-based foundation – greens and yellows counterbalance red skin. I’m not sure what undertones this one has, but the color looked good. If I bought this, I would probably go a shade darker.


My face after applying the Lingerie De Peau. In this photo I also have on a little bit of Hourglass Ambient Light Palette. This palette is a limited edition version of their popular Ambient Light powders and I’m pretty obsessed with it. They are finishing powders that are meant to recreate the effect dim, incandescent and radiant light have on the skin. You know when you’re at a dimly or candle-lit restaurant and everybody’s skin looks flawless? You basically are getting that from this palette. So, if you’ve been thinking about maybe getting this product, do it! It’s limited edition, so it will be selling out fast. 



From left-to-right I believe it is: Dim, Incandescent & Radiant.

This palette also comes with a little sample of their mineral primer, so its a pretty good deal.

Last is Too Faced Secret To No Makeup Palette. I always like their palettes because they include little booklets that show you how to use the makeup to create different looks. I like this one in particular because of how natural it is. I only like makeup that is easy & doesn’t actually look like makeup on. It should just enhance my skin, you know? I think this palette does a pretty good job of that. Plus, look how pretty it is (in case it hasn’t become clear enough already, I am a sucker for pretty packaging).



The palette comes with bronzer, creme blush, powder blush, concealer, luminizer & brightener. I have pretty fair skin, so the bronzer definitely shows up, but it isn’t too dark, which is good for us pale gals out there. The concealer was okay – pretty liquidy – and worked just fine for covering two tiny blemishes. The luminizer, which I applied along my brow bones, is a tad shimmery. It doesn’t show up much, which I guess is good because you can build it up if you need more. I would rather have a weak luminizer than stripes of sparkles all over my face. The brightener is pretty bright, so I’d be careful and apply only a little bit to dark spots. Lastly, both blushes are cotton-candy pink and look very pretty if swiped on gently. I tend to steer clear of pink or red because my cheeks naturally got enough of that, thank you very much, but with my green primer these can definitely work.



Left to right: bronzer, creme blush, powder blush, luminizer

Bottom: brightener

Top: concealer

I hope you found this review helpful!

What are your go-to products that you find yourself re-purchasing over and over?

Current Obsession – Beauty Edit!

Recently I bought some new makeup. I’m not a huge makeup person – I wish I had the time and patience to doll myself up every day, but unfortunately, I do not. However, I do like makeup and getting creative with it! I’ve always loved painting so maybe that’s why I also love makeup ;).

Anyway, when I do wear makeup, it’s usually pretty simple – eyeliner, mascara, shadow and lipgloss. I love trying all different sorts of colors though and so what I bought recently was two Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On liners (Cuff and Asphyxia) and a Stila eye-shadow compact in tie-dye.

s1498831-main-Lhero s1498849-main-Lhero s1514470-main-Lhero

Because I loved each one so much, I decided to make this my first ever makeup review post! I used all three products to create this look. First I started with the Urban Decay liner in Cuff at the corners of my eyes. Using white, silver or gold liner or shadow in the corners of your eyes brightens them and makes eyes really pop. Then I lined my bottom lids with the Urban Decay liner in Asphyxia. Lastly, I brushed a thin line of the tie-dye shadow on my upper lids. Voila! It actually did not take long at all and I love how it turned out! I picked this color pallet for myself because purples really bring out the green in my eyes. I also must say, the liners glide on so easily and the colors in the shadow are so vibrant (plus its like you’re getting three shadows in one because you can use each color separately or blended together). I would definitely recommend all three products. I bought mine from Sephora.



What are your favorite colors to play with?