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My Miracle Oil

I have found… a magical, miracle substance. I’d can’t call it simply a facial oil, because this beauty can go on your face, body, hair… even my boyfriend likes it & it makes great beard oil according to him. I have been using this gorgeous, golden-hued oil for a while now & it is the only skincare product that has given me such instant results.

Marula Oil comes from the Marula fruit, which is native to Southern Africa & has been used for centuries by men & women to protect skin & hair from harsh weather conditions. The multipurpose oil has 4 X AS MUCH VITAMIN C AS ORANGES & extremely powerful antioxidants & nutrients that my skin personally drinks up. This is a reparative, hydrating, protective & cellular-activity boosting oil. It not only makes my skin look better almost instantly, but it also smells naturally phenomenal (no added fragrances here).


I purchased my first bottle from African Botanics because they work with local communities in Southern Africa who sustainably produce the oil. They source their wild-harvested oil through a fair trade program that supports women in village collectives & protects the environment. The oil is hand-pressed by women who have learned through generations to crack the nut of Marula fruit & extract the kernels for the purest oil.


This purity has been extraordinarily beneficial to my sensitive & reactive skin. I know there is one ingredient going onto my skin when I use this & it feels so lovely & soothing. No irritation. I feel it diminished redness to a slight degree. Overall, this oil has made it to my holy-grail list. If you too are a sensitive-skin-sufferer like me, I would most definitely suggest giving Marula oil a go. It isn’t cheap by any means, but the fact that it benefits rural communities in Southern Africa & the results I’ve seen totally justify the price tag in my book.