Style Sets Week – The Finale!

Hi everyone! I took a little impromptu trip to stay with my mom in Long Island yesterday and got my sun on. While I was relaxing in the sun, or taking a break from rescuing turtles(!), I decided to check out the Swedish Elle that my cousins left at our house. Not that I understood much, but I gotta say I really enjoyed all of the fashion. I was actually inspired to take something I saw in the magazine and put my own spin on it in my last style set of the week.

There’s a bit too much shine on this photo, but I just thought the cow-print was really interesting. Now, I absolutely am not a fan of the actually cow-skin products ūüė¶ but I do love the animals and the print is not the most commonly seen thing in fashion. Of course, there are certain connotations that may come with dressing up in cow-print, but if done well I think this could be an awesomely unique trend.


So, I created the following style set:

Screen shot 2013-06-23 at 4.35.22 PM

Just more ways you can style fantastic Chloe and Isabel jewels! Check them out at my boutique.

What do you think of this trend?

Style Sets… Continued!

Numero 3!

Okay people, time to kick it into high-gear – there are only FOUR DAYS LEFT to take advantage of¬†Chloe & Isabel’s¬†15% off + free shipping deal. You certainly do not want to miss out on this one – we have so many amazing pieces AND this is a one in a lifetime opportunity to get our LIMITED EDITIONS ON SALE!

In case there is any doubt in your mind still (which would be ridiculous!) as to whether you should¬†shop with me, just keep checking out all the different ways C&I jewels can be styled…

Screen shot 2013-06-20 at 1.42.06 PM

The Torsade necklace that I featured in this style set is one of our all time best sellers – people go crazy for it (also comes in clear/white). It is also one of our pricier pieces, but by entering SUMMER15 at checkout you can get 15% off that gorgeous necklace.

Cover-Up Season Is Upon Us!

About four years ago, I bought a floral dress at H&M and have been using it as my cover-up every summer since then. Needless to say, when I busted that baby out this weekend, it was sad to see that time was up for my go-to cover-up. Any elasticity that used to exist was now gone and the top would not even stay up. Now, don’t feel bad because I assure you, that thing got SO MUCH usage in the short life it lived, but now I desperately need to find a replacement (especially because I have a beach-y vacation coming up next week!) So, I decided to put together a little somethin’ for those of you who are like me, and believe a good cover-up is a summer staple.

Screen shot 2013-06-02 at 6.31.41 PM

Okay, I’m in love with both of these completely different looks. The cover-up on the left side is from¬†topshop¬†and all of the jewelry is from¬†chloe + isabel. You could obviously go matchy-matchy with the yellow of the pineapples (such a frickin’ adorable print), but I really like the coral/punchy-red of the jewelry pieces I picked out here – it keeps the whole look bright, which as you know is my new thing this summer. The cover-up on the right side is from¬†net-a-porter¬†and again, you know where the jewels are from ūüėČ . This look is more elegant than the fun, fruity pineapples, but equally colorful. It’s also a bit more of a splurge, but if you’re anything like me, you’ll use it for at least four summers! The hat is from Tommy Bahama; pi√Īa¬†colada not included (though encouraged!)¬†Maybe one of these will be my lucky new cover-up!

I also have to say, thanks to my friend Dana who spent the weekend relaxing poolside with me, one of my new favorite summer accessories is this Australian Gold sunscreen/bronzing spray gel.

Screen shot 2013-06-02 at 6.34.05 PM

It has the benefits of being a sunscreen, but I’ve honestly never tanned so well as I did this weekend. I will be bringing this around with me everywhere, plus it smells good! I’ve always said a tan is the best accessory, and now I can have one allll summer, without worrying about burning!

Summer Inspiration

Continuing my bright colors for summer kick – I was reading from my stack of magazines today while completely chilling out by the pool and I had to share part of a style spread that was in Self¬†magazine. I think these looks are the ultimate style inspiration for this summer and I am definitely putting them onto my “to-try” list. I love pastels, they’re one of my favorite things, but, like I said earlier I’m definitely feeling the brights this summer and these photos are such a cool, unique way to wear them. After all, a style bandit has to be fearless with fashion (amongst other things!).

What do you think of these looks – something you would try?



Finally, this was just something else I saw in the magazine, which I also had to share:


Bright Colors!!

Yesterday I told you about this awesome little boutique next to Gosman’s in Montauk and I want to show you the summer-perfect pieces I snagged there!



The dress is so bright and summery, it caught my eye immediately. It’s not too casual, but besides the color, the thing I love most is how easy it is – you can literally just throw it on and you’re good to go because it basically has a necklace attached to it already!

The blazer is awesome too because the material is like a sweatshirt/hoodie so it is sooo comfortable and makes it a casual blazer to throw over anything. I’ll probably live in it all the time because of how comfy it is.

I feel like both pieces are really unique and the best part – they were both well under $100!!! I’m a very happy camper & ready to wear all my brights this summer!