Gift Guide – For the Ladies

Screen shot 2013-11-23 at 5.22.23 PM

1. DIY cocktail rings 2. Boudoir Slippers 3. Skull Flask 4. Paul & Joe Eye Color Set

5. Photo Album 6. Yoga Bag 7. Gold Bottom Dishes

Obsession: Designer Edit

I don’t usually pay much attention to who designed what or designer labels. If I see something and like it, then that’s that. That all being said, sometimes I come across a designer/brand that I fall in love with. Today, that would be Three Floor. I am really diggin’ their dresses and I want at least three of them! I think they are so unique and different and would make such awesome statement pieces for anything from proms to Christmas parties. Actually I have my eye specifically on a few for my next holiday season…


image1xl-2 image1xl-3

I think a dress like any one of these is worth the splurge!